I started Wealth Not Rich back in 2019, around that time I started and ran several businesses. I knew I wanted to make content but not just for any reason but for the sole purpose of sharing my ideas and perception on self-improvement, (what I call Self-Mastery) fincial freedom, purpose of life and the connection between them all.

I believe we were all put here for a reason, an are life's goal is to achieve more, progress always, self reflect & build connections and network. Its through these actions we become the better verison of ourself we want to become. We are not a victim of are genetics, circumstances or enviorment. I believe in that completely and I want to empower indivisuals to do for themselves. Design your own life.

We were all put here for a reason. Our goal at Wealth Not Rich™ is to empower individuals to take control of their lives and design their own destinies.

We strive to provide our audience with the tools and resources they need to navigate the mysteries of life and live their best lives.

Ziare Miller

I am a digital entrepreneur with over 4 years of experience in digital marketing, online and physical business. I have recently ventured into the content making scene with the goal of sharing my insights and perspectives on self-improvement, financial freedom, the purpose of life, and the connection between them all. Look below to follow all current socials ⬇


Wealth endures, riches fade.

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